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Success Tips

There are many ways to be successful. The main requirement is the ability to keep going. When you get knocked down or deterred from your path, you get right back in the game. You have zero time to waist.

Here are a few things that have helped me along the way: 

Be willing to perfect your craft

Every success I've had came after losing something/someone I "thought" I needed, when actuality I never did..

1st step to being successful is realizing that STRUGGLING is a part of it

Be ready to be called selfish for protecting your happiness.... It's better to be a "little selfish" than a "little stupid" and taken for granted.....

If it don't challenge you it don't change you....

Some people I had to let go of because our goals were not compatible. They want new rims, I want to fly private. They want VIP in the club, I want dinner with the owners. They are satisfied paying rent on time. I'll be satisfied with multiple tenants. You are who you hang with, and I did not want to be them...

Dream BIG...!! Never Settle

Enjoy life, it is SHORT and you only get to live it once...........



Can't put a price on Experience.

My success started when my circle shrunk

You guys can keep popping bottles, getting drunk and crazy in VIP, getting "turnt" up   

~Obona Moren 

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