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Body By Obona LLC

Your Massage Experience


Wow. That was, just wow KLMS Very different, I'll be back soon haha

Karen, RN

Upgraded Midway through, this guy knows his stuff. His strong hands and hard body and just everything. 5 Stars!! Five Stars


I can't fit all the details in this little box but I'll just say this. I've never had an Adult massage before. And now I'm sure I will never want another traditional one. Eva!! I loved every minute of it. Much needed. Wish I could afford it everyday lol


I'm literally parked at the 7-11 around the corner. Just sitting here. That was amazing, just what the doctor order after a long stressful month I'm glad I stumbled across Obona. I booked another one for next month. My Sensual Massage has just becoming a priority for me.

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