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Body by Obona

Gym Regimen Video Tutorials

Assisted Pull Ups

Battle Ropes Routine

Alternating Waves to Burpee

Figure 8 Slams

Jumping Jacks

Russian Twist Slams

Side Lunge Slams

Side Shuffle with Alternating Waves

Bicycle Kicks

Bounce Squats


Decline Pushups



Flat Bench

Glutes Press

Hammer Curls

Incline Pushups

Inner/Outer Thigh Machine


Lateral Pull Downs

Lawn Mower Pulls

Leg Extensions

Leg Press Machine

Overhead Tricep Extensions

Reverse Crunches

Reverse Fly Machine

Row Machine

Seated Arm Curls

Sit Ups

Stair Master

Stiff Leg Dead Lift

Stationary Lunge

Straight Bar Curls

Superman Planks

Tricep Extensions

Treadmill Incline

Wall Sit

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