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Is it time for a detox.....

Detox Meal Plan:

Get a 30 day Detox Meal Plan with Body By Obona Tea mailed to your front door. 

Waist Line Workout Bunch

Get a 30 day Detox Meal Plan with Body By Obona Tea and 3 NEW Ab Workout Videos.

Why you should detox...

Do you suffer from Fatigue, Bloating, Irritable bowels, Acne, Fluid Retention, Bad Breath,Weight Loss Resistance, itchy skin, moodiness, insomnia or cravings?

If you answered YES to any of those, then its time for you to detox your body!

A Detox is the physiological removal of toxic substances from our bodies. We build up toxins over time that don't allow our bodies to function normally. Those who support detox diets suggest doing one four (4) times per year – usually with the changes of the seasons. If you can’t handle four per year, it is suggested to do a detox at least twice – in the fall and spring.   

This 30 day detox plan will incorpate natural foods and tea to detoxify your body.It will leave you feeling refreshed with clear healthy skin. This detox will help you get past any plateau that you may be on and increase your energy levels. Combined with a Body by Obona Meal Plan..this Detox Plan will maximize your results. 

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